Love Lust Faith And Dreams

I’m already a huge fan of multi-talented actor Rockstar Jared Leto having seen him in Aronofsky’s Requiem for a dream(2000), Mr.Nobody (2009) and the recent The Dallas Buyer’s club (2013) for which he won an Oscar. I’d heard a lot about his band ’30 Seconds to Mars’ and decided to give it a try before downloading the discography.

Just watch this music video. It’s beautifully written and choreographed.

Love Lust Faith and Dreams is more like a pop electronic fusion rock than pop/pop rock. Two very good songs that I would recommend is City of Angels and Conquistador. The latter is purely heavy metal based which suits my liking.

Songs like Bright Lights and Pyres of Varanasi are totally fusion based instrumentals and I highly recommend you listen to them if you want a hallucinatory experience.

Overall, I was disappointed with their music. Although I was pretty impressed with Jared Leto’s voice, their kinda music does not suit my tastes.



"This game stresses me out, but I want more. "